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  1. SauceTown

    East way to combine models into a single model?

    Is there a way to combine models? Say a level one tower has 1 unit but then i want a level 2 tower to have 2 of the same units together acting as a single unit. I've messed around with it in War3 but the duplicated part doesn't actually show in game and it messes up the model. Has anyone had...
  2. M4gz

    [General] Item Charges event is not working

    Im making item combine/stacking system in Reforged WE. I want to make possible to combine item with another item with charges. As we know in Reforged exists prebuild item charges stacking, so no need more to make standalone system for that. But here is a problem when i getting an event A unit...
  3. Uncle

    Floating text problem - Combining text to prevent screen clutter

    Hello, I'm having trouble with these triggers. I want to create a system that displays floating text whenever a unit is killed, easy enough, but I want to avoid having 100 different floating texts appear when 100 units are killed at or around the same time. So if you kill 100 units with one cast...
  4. Diegoit

    Easiest way to "paste" into other (Magos)?

    How can i paste/add/combine a model to another one using Magos? Example: To combine a Rock with a Tree. Please help. -Thanks.