1. Zaaif

    Chess TD V1.36

    Hello guys I made my own TD map, that is inspired by Legion TD. So you build towers, that during the wave transform to units and fight mobs to defend the Golem. The game supports 1 to 4 players Map has couple of game modes: Mobs amount: -Standard -2x -3x Mode: -Solo -Co-op There are 3...
  2. Bangsgaard

    [Campaign] Interesting Campign Missions

    I am making a map for Warcraft 3 Reforged which is heavily inspired by the co-op commander concept in Starcraft 2. Essentially it is a map where you get to choose your "commander" which each has a special set of units with a unique playstyle. You then get to party up with another player to...
  3. Veronnis

    [Role Playing Game] The Lands of Arkeya

    Welcome to The Lands of Arkeya homepage. I'll hopefully be filling this up more soon, but with the release of Reforged anticipated this year much of this game is only being worked on in regard to systems, other features such as terrain and world design are still on hold until the new editor is...