1. AtivEnergy

    Serpent Ward and Tornado Can't be cast on deep water or cliff

    Hi there! It is possible to use this 2 spells to spawn units on deep water and on cliff? [This spells has cast range and i like that] I wanted for "Tornado spell" to spawn a (flying) tornado on ground or on deep water or on cliff (player choice), but the spell can be cast only on ground.. I...
  2. Ahimtar

    Selling items to a shop on/under a cliff

    In my map there is a shop that is near a cliff. I want units on both below and on the cliff to be able to buy and sell items. Buying works well for both, but selling only works correctly for those that are on the shop's level. For units that are on the cliff, selling only works correctly when...
  3. GamesofFreak

    Warcraft 3 1.31 Cliff Textures Location?

    I'm currently making a Campaign and I replaced the Terrain to a Desert Like Terrain, but I have Problems to import the Cliff Textures I made, because I don't know the Path in 1.31. Since 1.30 Warcraft 3 don't use .mpq Files instead they use .casc Storage for it. Know someone where I can found...
  4. DarknessFalls003


    Just want to ask if someone can do me a simple reskin. In Icecrown terrain I need the Natural Cliff to have the texture of Remains Scorched. Along with the "Snow" Tile. So the result would be a wall of bodies and a floor of bodies.
  5. Uncle

    [Solved] Units near cliffs get weird rotation

    Edit: Solved. Setting the Art - Maximum Pitch Angle / Roll to 0 did the trick.
  6. deepstrasz

    StarCraft Brood War cliffs

    Hey, so Strydhaizer did this wonderful tileset pack with Brood War textures. However, issues have got in the way with cliffs on some tilesets. If anyone could make proper cliffs or doodad cliffs with the following, it would be very much appreciated.
  7. yatyfornetreg

    [General] In 1.30 terrain editor how to enable steep slope?

    It seems like the ./UI/MiscData.txt no longer works in 1.30. So I still want to create steep slopes, how to I do that? --- Edit I search through the forum with "steep", and found nothing in the year of 2018. So I presume I am the first one to ask this question.
  8. NoodleRamen22

    Water and Cliff fix

    This error annoys me everytime. Please help me to fix this error and I searched for this fix and nothing shows. :( 74% Happens this error when creating a map. I don't know if it was in graphics.