classic games

  1. ProlRayder

    What version do you play?

  2. Itztalmatan

    Making my first map

    Ive been a gamer all my life, and have played Warcraft 3 for 10 years or so, thus i think i could make a good game on the stately world editor... I got inspiration for this project from the classic of PS "Yu Gi Oh Forbbiden Memories", it consist on: You select a hero, then you get an initial...
  3. A Void

    Goodbye,! Hello... Blizzard

    Officially releasing with the original Diablo, has been the staple service of Blizzard's catalogue of classic games since the late 90's - but its days are now numbered with Blizzard set to move on from the name in the new future. While its clear to have already happened with the...