1. FluffyStuff

    [Campaign] Reforging Reforged

    Warcraft 3 Reforging Reforged Quick Overview [TLDR] I'm Mark, an experienced game developer, and an avid Blizzard fan. I want to take the existing WC3 reforged campaign and "reshoot" all the in-game cinematics. I want to create a similar feeling to what was shown in the original Culling of...
  2. JnM

    Ancient but legendary cinematics

    Greetings folks! Hope everyone is enjoying the Warcraft 3 fever resurgence! For the last few days, I've been doing a sort of "cinematic archaeology". I've been lucky enough to find and rediscover some of these masterpieces, here and on There are some maps, however, that seem just...
  3. maxxxus

    [General] help about cinematics

    does somebody here know about those things for cinematics? (sorry if my english is bad :p) - make a character crouch, or move his hands during the cinematic. - darken and clarify the screen while the cinematic runs. - put images or letters while the cinematic runs. i try to found info about...
  4. SoulStealer

    Trigger-Turn On | Not Working | Please Help

    Hey all,I am working on a massive project.I need some help. In campaigns,We have scenes,right?Well,We also have Quests in Campaigns.So I created some quests and also made a "Main Quest Discovered" thingy.It showed up right at the time I was watching the scenes.(While testing.) So,I tried this...