1. Rondstat

    [Minigame] Zuluhed's Challenge

    *Map has now been released! Go check out the latest version in the 'maps' section. ZULUHED'S CHALLENGE A 2-player chessboard game of elemental proportions The Horde is at a crossroads. The venerable shamanism of the orcish ancestors, expounded by elders like Ner'zhul and Zuluhed, is...
  2. HerrDave

    Green cube model despite correct texture path

    Salutations, A while back I started a project in semi-secret where I was remaking all of the villains and goons from a game that I have a soft spot for and to that end I've begun working on a series of robot models. I got the base body done no problem, but after I made a size-change to the...