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  1. vesuv

    Change position of the ingame chat for all maps

    Hello everyone, is there any possibility in general to change the position of the ingame chat (for all maps)? The reason i am asking: I just bought myself a superwidescreen monitor (21:9), which works great on wc3. Unfortunately it’s not really a good ratio for streaming/videos, so i tryed just...
  2. Thiiago

    [Trigger] Just an chat Trigger to SetName by command

    Remember the "cheats" like: greedisgood X Greedisgood = Command X = amount (?) I need an command / code similar but is for Unit Name... Ex: -SetName_Talon The selected Unit change her name for Talon, understand? Or i do -SetName_OldBear The selected Unit change her name for OldBear o thats...
  3. DexterFstone

    blocking chat

    it is possible to block chat messages for players(for example player 1) in a short time?
  4. HerlySQR

    Problem with trigger to selection mode

    I made this trigger to select gamemodes by just typing a code, but is not working, sometimes display the error message even it shouldn't and when no, it doesn't do anything, what's wrong? scope Selection initializer Init globals private texttag array Modes private trigger Select...
  5. stonneash

    Live Stream Icon creation

    So, while I'm working on my Icons' who wore it better (link in my signature), I decided that it would be fun to get a stream of me making those icons. I'm setting up OBS with my youtube channel and here is the link for the stream: Photoshop - Icon Recreation - YouTube
  6. Furry Nova

    Easy GUI Chat Command Handler

    I've been browsing this site for an easy to use chat command GUI example. The ones I found wasn't the ones I wanted since one relied on vJASS and another had an issue were the command that could be typed in the middle of a message like "something -gold". So I had an attempt making one but it...
  7. _Guhun_

    Automated Chat-based save/load (for RPs)

    This is a JASS/GUI Save/Load System. The plan is to have as much GUI as possible and include a guide to editing the JASS for GUI users. This is a system I was trying to come up with to allow saving and loading of bases in RP games such as Titan Land and RoTRP (basically, any sandbox in which...
  8. MamcarzZz

    Hey, I'm new here :D come and chat about map creating:D

    come and chat and give me some tips about map making :gg::thumbs_up::mwahaha::infl_thumbs_up: