1. Wardota2 Gamer

    [Melee] My Melee Maps!

    @Wardota2 Gamer presents..... Welcome to my Melee Map's! In this forum we are all gonna be talking about my every melee map.We are going to be talking about Update's/Review's and in here you can even post your reviews! Ofcourse you need to post in the official Map Page. So as I said we are...
  2. Wardota2 Gamer

    [General] How to creat a Custom Tool?

    I actually download custom tools here in Hive but how do we make it I am curious because I don't know how to create a tool.I am tagging @Chaosy with this because he has a experties of tool making. Firstly I want to creat a tool for you to import your image to a loading screen because I really...
  3. Wardota2 Gamer

    Cinematic Contest #7 - Theme Discussion

    Cinematic Contest #7 - Theme Discussion Think of any theme that can be used in this cinematic contest! Here are some of the Past Themes that were used in the past Cinematic Contests: Cinematic Contest #1 Cinematic Contest #2 Cinematic Contest #3 Sorrow - This didn't go as planned...