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  1. Nazujin

    Legend of Monsters ORPG

    A whole new monster catch style ORPG! - More than 30 species of monsters to catch and evolve! - More than 60 monsters in total and many more to come! - Attack and defense elements! [Flame, Machine, Aquatic, Air, Shadow, Nature and Beast] - custom systems - Custom skills - Train up to level 100...
  2. Nazujin

    Pokemon Catch System

    Hello guys, i need a pokemon like catch system. I know how to make it in gui, but for multiplayer it leaks a little and can be a little laggy. if someone knows a way to make this for me without leaks of laggy i will be very thankful! i need a trigger that works like the following: the player...
  3. Nazujin

    RPG SAVE / LOAD question

    Hello everyone, Im making a new mmorpg and im a experienced terrainer but not so good trigger, anyway. Guys i want to know, what save load system best fit into a pomemon / monster master like rpg. And what should i change to it work with 6 heroes, instead of 1. something like that: - main hero...