1. Kobold Geomancer concept

    Kobold Geomancer concept

    An idea for a reskin of the Ujimasa's Kobold Shaman (wich is basically an orc warlock with a head and hands of a kobold)
  2. Tigrick

    Hide Priest Upgrade Level in UI

    Hello everyone! When priests/sorceresses/etc... are upgraded to unlock more spells, their "rank" is displayed in the UI, next to an icon. The problem is the small number next to the icon. I want it gone. I want to use the "rank" UI-Icon as a display of an accuracy value. P.S.: Also, where...
  3. BrazilEmperor

    Ability Icon Suggestions

    I need some icons for my caster's abilities. the Thematic is Scarlet Crusade. im using than in my Custom Melee Map about Scarlet Crusade and Forsaken. He is a normal unit, named Scarlet Inquisitor, a offensive spellcaster. Abilities: Smite - based on Holy Light. do not can be used on allies...
  4. Yours Truly

    Casting Silence on Self?

    Hello. So,I tried to create defend ability,which you take less damage but cannot attack/cast spell. I gave the caster silence spell with "Targets Allowed - Self" because if I make a dummy casting the same spell with "Targets Allowed - Friend", units close to the defend caster will get silenced...
  5. xxdingo93xx

    [Arena] Cosmo Arena

    Welcome to .... Cosmo Arena After many years of pausing my activity on the hiveworkshop and maybe even on Warcraft 3 in general, my passion to this game overcame me again. Recently I felt like I could do more than what I did before, and I could make it even better. I am almost finished...