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  1. Dragonus Skywrath Mage (Dota map)

    Dragonus Skywrath Mage (Dota map)

    Dragonus Skywrath Mage model (rejected) for Dota map with some retextures. Original Winged Guardian by Sliph-M can be found here: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/threads/winged-guardian.249528/
  2. MSTVD

    [Solved] golden Human rifleman

    Hi, Hive! I have a request for a human rifleman similar to this one by Kitabatake with a footman body and bandit head but with the captain's golden armor and a "goldified" bandit head similar to Ujimasa's stormwind bandit look. I am asking because Legends of Arkain's Golden Guard feels very...
  3. Footman variation

    Footman variation

    I remember a long time ago I saw a discussion somewhere about the soldier's shoulder pads. I wanted to give it a try with a few more modifications
  4. Superfrycook

    [HD/Modeling] Female version of Reforged Footman or Captain

    Hello guys, I like to request a Reforged female version of the Human Footman or Captain. Thank you.
  5. HeroHammerRedMaster.mdx (WIP_1)

    HeroHammerRedMaster.mdx (WIP_1)

  6. istvan921

    Captain request

    Can someone edit this awesome model made by HerrDave and make some small changes to it like change it's shield with the footman model that i provided in the link and add Arthas's cape to it's back. Thank you very much Captain request | HIVE
  7. stein123

    Worgen Captain

    Hi fellas, I was wondering if anyone can help me with this request, I want a captain version of this model: Worgen Footy. Long ago I found this model on a Spanish site, but the download links are long dead (it was uploaded on filebeam, a site that doesn't exist anymore :p) and the author...
  8. Aleister

    Recolor for Classic Icons (Solved by Hermit)

    Hi guys! I appeal to your help for a second time because I need three icons for three classic models of Warcraft.:thumbs_up: The first icon is for the paladin of black hair: The second icon is for the paladin of white hair: And the last icon is for the blood elf lieutenant: MPQ'S...