burning legion

  1. BurningLegionbuilding.png


    -first version of the Burning Legion buildings that I will use for my next map -The skin belongs to Ether with minor modifications of mine. please leave your comment or suggestion....
  2. Shadowrath

    Need 3d models for Sargerus and Kael'thas

    I am working on a mini campaign and a custom map and I need Sargerus (mini campaign) and Kaelthas (custom map)
  3. Talgath


    Simple texture edit. (Private use)
  4. Krosus


    Simpre texture edit. (private use)
  5. Dreadlord


    Simple texture edit. (Private use)
  6. Eredar Warlord

    Eredar Warlord

    Simple texture edit. (private use)
  7. Archimonde


  8. Inquisitor


  9. Kil'jaeden (Media)

    Kil'jaeden (Media)

  10. Kil'jaeden


  11. Sargeras (Media)

    Sargeras (Media)

  12. Sargeras.V.2.0


  13. Doomguard (Yellow)

    Doomguard (Yellow)

  14. Doomguard (Blue)

    Doomguard (Blue)

  15. Doomguard (Red)

    Doomguard (Red)

  16. Doomguard


  17. Who's next?

    Who's next?

  18. The Lieutenants of Archimonde

    The Lieutenants of Archimonde

    From left to right: Fel Lord Zakuun. Azgalor. Archimonde. Rage Winterchill. Kaz'rogal. Anetheron.
  19. Red Pit Lord

    Red Pit Lord

  20. Tichondrius


  21. SonOfShadowbrand

    The Dark Inferno

    Hello everyone who have stumbled on my forum post! My name is SonOfShadowbrand and I am interested in creating Warcraft 3 custom campaigns, and after watching a YouTube video by Jayborinoplays I have been inspired to create a W3 custom campaign about the Burning Legion, starting directly after...
  22. TaKky

    Burning Legion Mechanical Harvester Model

    Hi, long-time member, first-time poster. It would be pretty groovy if anyone enjoyed the prospect of modelling a Goblin Shredder type unit for the Demon race. Something more akin to the Infernal Contraption than the Goblin's bipedal mech though. I don't think it should have a visible pilot...