building managment

  1. Swatosj

    [Solved] Spellbook and multiple buildings

    Hi & long live to the Hive!:infl_thumbs_up: I've ran into a weird problem when I was trying to make an alternate building menu. I created a custom spellbook ability and some custom building abilities based on the "Build X Tiny" (one different per building to get different order IDs:fp::xxd:)...
  2. Hazop

    Vehicular Overflow

    For my new map "Tiriath Civil War - Telgarde" I cant seem to find a away of how to make my tech tree proper... Currently there will be 4 different variations of units per faction (there are differences faction to faction), And as techs progress specific buildings tailored to those factions...
  3. KmLocco1666

    Using a Variable Currency based building model - trigger

    I'm have trouble with making a trigger function, I wanna make a building with a new form of currency (Using Variables) but when a buildings Structure(Blacksmith) is being click on (or about to be constructed) and i want it to stop the unit from being able to build the structure. for not having...
  4. hpfx

    how to have more than 11 buildings (peon)

    Hello, I've created a new building (set some specifics, load model...) Now I want peons to be able to build it. but all 11 slots are used already, how can I allow my peon to bild more than 11 buildings ? please help me. I'm a quite a newbie, so please avoid jass and try to keep it basic if...