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  1. KitsuneTailsPrower

    [JASS/AI] Adding more than 11 buildable structures to a unit

    This isn't really a tutorial. Its more of a collection of my findings on this subject. 1: You can have about 200 buildable structures on a unit. However players can only see the first 11 on the menu. You can order the construction of the others via issue order triggers. If you wish to mass add...
  2. DutchKroket

    Builder displacement

    Hei! I currently need some help with a problem I have and I hope to find it here. The problem is that my workers keep teleporting over the trees. Worker: Is an human worker but has the undead race. Building: Is a human farm but has the night elf race. Is there an easy fix for this?
  3. Nemesis DSGB

    [General] Rusty looking for help with AI Spawning

    Hi guys. im looking to make a defense mode that can go for long periods without crashes (little leaking) So im just starting to set up my variables, im using Ints and bools to keep it simple for now Recommendations on best framework for the system to be clean and smooth? plan so far: -Wave...
  4. Ohmvoid


    Hi guys, so far thanks to a lot of people and some friends, i've manage to achieve alot, but there are still things that needs to be done, units getting stuck in places they shouldn't be, to avoid that i have started to add waygates but i need to add more, terrain needs some work bcs im tbh a...
  5. HerlySQR

    [General] How to reffer the builder in triggers?

    When a unit build an structure, how can I refer to the constructor in the trigger?
  6. Marshmalo

    [Strategy / Risk] Rise of a Realm : Kingdom Builder

    Rise of a Realm By Marshmalo [Release date: Out now] MAP SUMMARY: Rise of a Realm (ROAR) is a sandbox base builder/RTS game with a mythological/medieval theme. Players must first choose whether to found a Warrior or Mage Kingdom, then select a King or Queen to lead their Realm to glory...