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  1. HerlySQR

    Does boolexpr leak?

    I heard boolexpr leak and also that there is nothing to worry, can you clear me?
  2. loktar

    [JASS] Passing a boolexpr?

    I have a function where I register a trigger event. I want to pass the filter to that function from somewhere else. function register takes code filter returns nothing local conditionfunc fltr = Condition(filter) call TriggerRegisterEnterRegion(trg, rgn, fltr) call...
  3. Spellbound

    [JASS] Boolexpr in own function?

    So I have a bunch of units stored on a hashtable, and I want to be able to pick a random unit from that hashtable. Ideally, I'd want to be able to pass a filter on that. I've used boolexpr in the past, but I was wondering if I could use it myself for my own functions? function...