1. Orcland: Swordsharper - MenaiTheSwordmaster

    Orcland: Swordsharper - MenaiTheSwordmaster

  2. Red Thrall: Red Thrall Blademaster - Ko'thar Oram

    Red Thrall: Red Thrall Blademaster - Ko'thar Oram

  3. BladeMaster Retexturized

    BladeMaster Retexturized

    Retextured Project
  4. Patisaur

    [SD/Modeling] Master Yi Model Request

    Need a model of Master Yi (from league of legends) need it based on the blademaster model, need it to be wc3 style, the models ripped from the game doesn't fit the style of my map. Here is a reference image:
  5. Mag'har Blademaster

    Mag'har Blademaster

  6. Blademaster


  7. DatnessX

    [Arena] Bladefury

    Bladefury is an project where Heroes playing against each other. Every hero has 5 skills to use. Maximum skill level is 20. Maximum hero level is 60. Heroes getting gold from creeps and from other killed heroes. Players need to reach 4000 gold to win. There is 2 teams. Map is created for...