birth animation

  1. master Gul'dan

    Birth animation

    Please add orc birth animation to BoulderTowerV2.01. Thanks.
  2. master Gul'dan

    Model Edit

    Request: please remove birth animation and add naga birth animation to model.
  3. ScourgeWarchief

    Birth Animation Integration

    Hey guys i'm working on a custom map and trying to make my buildings use a custom birth as a sfx, setting a time trigger to remove it. i was wondering if there is a way to remove the birth effect when the building is completed instead? (when i use warpten cheat for example it would detect the...
  4. jj84

    Birth animation

    Request Hi everyone Please change the birth animation to naga birth animation style.
  5. cleavinghammer

    [Solved] Bugged NE and undead birth animations (1.31)

    So today the undead and night elf birth animations for buildings (the claws/roots that come out of the ground) just stopped playing across all maps (custom, melee, and campaign), on 1.31. The building model itself seems unaffected, you're just left staring at a patch of gray/green ground until...
  6. Verdun

    Building Birth Animation ?!?

    This must be one of these things that are self-evident to everyone else, but with all the tutorials I have seen so far and every model I have looked at in the model editor I simply cannot figure out how to create "birth" animations (specifically, for buidlings). I have tried making birth...