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  1. HerlySQR

    [Spell] A replace to berserk

    I'm using the berserk ability as a base ability for a lot of spells for the thing that doesn't interrump the actions of the caster and for have an specific buff, but I also wanna make a item with the berserk ability but I see the buffs get "overwritten" or "deleted" if the caster have another...
  2. bruunk

    [Trigger] Workaround for "Order Unit to (Ability)" stopping unit

    I want a seamless ability that is toggled on and off, it is based on Immolation for the toggleability and Berserk for the buffs that it gives. I do not want to use item buffs because they don't give the damage amp that berserk offers, as it is necessary for this ability. Is there a way that the...
  3. Saito

    [Solved] One time lag upon ability cast.

    So, I am creating an ability that works just like Frenzy in Homm3[1]. It works just fine, at least for now, except for one annoying bug. It freezes the game for 3-5 seconds upon first cast(And first cast only! Each cast after the first one works well.). It doesn't matter if the skill is used at...