1. Firstrun70

    pw3i Batcher 1.0 - w3x parser

    Author of pw3i.exe v1.02: Hodor xgm Author of pw3i Batcher 1.0: Firstrun70 pw3i Batcher - Batch metadata parser from w3x w3m (from war3map.w3i war3map.wts) v1.0 [12.25.2019] Requires pw3i.exe v1.02 Parses all the information of the map automatically, for example, Author, Title, Description...
  2. Firstrun70

    WinMPQ Batcher 1.0 - w3x unpacker

    Batch unpack w3x w3m w3n mpq Author of WinMPQ v1.64: ShadowFlare Author of WinMPQ Batcher 1.0: Firstrun70 Variation 1: Distributed as a bat file. Attached to this thread. WinMPQ Batcher - Batch resource unpacker from w3x w3m w3n mpq v1.0 [12.25.2019] WinMPQ v1.64 + VB40032.DLL + WinMPQ Batcher...
  3. Vengeancekael

    Oasis and Desert 2 (1.0.4) / Project Spotlight

    「Oasis and Desert 2」 Ѻ About: Version 1.0.4 (Coming Soon) Ѻ Official Forums: Oasis and Desert 2 ╙ Download: Version 1.0.3 ► 'TGM Team' is prepping the next major update for the hosted project Oasis and Desert 2 and this new version will feature lots of goodies: New Hero 'Lady...