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  1. Act3Part3


  2. Boar Tribe

    Boar Tribe

  3. Simple recoloring of grass gives Barrens so much new personality

    Simple recoloring of grass gives Barrens so much new personality

  4. WoW Zone Terrain: The Great Gate of Mulgore

    WoW Zone Terrain: The Great Gate of Mulgore

    Testing more skills this time with the Great Gate of Mulgore from the Barrens side by mostly using only base Wc3 Assets mixed together aside from Mr Smite's 'Wooden Walls 05' from his 'Lots of Decorations and Doodads' for the walls. This is at the end of a "Sc2 Co-op"-esque mission I'm working on.
  5. Figglewig

    [Melee] Blackthorn Ridge 1v1

    This is my 3rd map I have ever tried making. I would greatly appreciate feedback on this. Now with that out of the way time for the map. Blackthorn Ridge is a 1v1 map, based off the same region found in the Barrens. Map Description: We have received reports of the Razormane tribe cutting...
  6. Althavis

    Quilboar Race just a simple one

    The Quilboar Tribes Created by foje tit "Don't hope too much, well just play" Dowload Here : The Quilboar Tribes Version 1.3 The map is a modified Blasted Lands map from Blizzard Entertainment Tilesets and some texture are relplace Change Creep Camps 14 Red Camps 12 Orange Camps 8 Green...
  7. hypsandar

    [ Video] Melee Map Made in Due 11m!

    Map download & Discord server invite can be found in the video's description.
  8. Sapprine

    [Campaign] One map campaign

    I'm making an 256x256 barrens Orc Campaign starring: Thrall Hellscream, Cairne Bloodhoof, Vol'Jin, Gar'Thok and Naz'grel. Roughly 45% of the map has already been filled with beautiful valleys, Canyons, Chaotic Crevasses slicing true the desert, The grassy landscapes of Mulgore, Former Ogrimmar...