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  1. J2Krauser

    Altering a specific unit's overhead status bar

    Hi. By overhead status bar, I mean the health/mana bar above a unit. I'm well aware that I could just get rid of the bars, and make my own, then make them look as janky as I wanted. What I'm interested in is if there's a way to fiddle with the stock ones. I've been trying to cook up a solution...
  2. Cheshire

    [Solved] progress bar/cast bar

    hey, I am trying to make a progress bar for the target of a channeling spell. I know this subject has been raised tons of times before, and there are loads of great models and spellpacks for this exact purpose... but I wasn't able to get any of them working (I suffer from noobism and acute...
  3. xorkatoss

    [JASS] Get Hero EXP %?

    Hello everybody, I'm working on the UI of my map and my goal is to create a StatusBar that displays hp/mana/exp so I far I successfully made it work like this: After that I made a third bar to show the exp of the unit. My problem is that I want to make the exp bar show the percentage(%) of...
  4. SoooK

    [Solved] Hide health bars per player

    Is it possible to hide all health bars of all units of a certain player? For example, no player should be able to see the health bars of creeps. Adding Locust to all of there units isn't an option for me. edit: Currently, I set their "selection scale" (don't know what it's called in english) to...
  5. Rasler

    [General] Visual Bug

    Hi, how are you, in my project I'm using this model of life bars, the problem is that I can not find a solution to correct a visual bug caused by moving the camera that causes the edges or lines of the 2d models to disappear and Appear, and give the impression that they are of different sizes...