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  1. Nazgrel

    Spawner & Attack-moving

    Hi, I have this problem where the enemy waves don't attack-move as far as I want them to. They need to pass by 2 bases to get to the target that will defeat the player if they fail to protect it. Unfortunately, they only go so far as the first base. If they kill everything, half of them go back...
  2. Łapin Viktus

    [Solved] How to change the action hotkeys

    I try to change hot keys of the attack-move action on my map, the spells of my heroes are in AZER because I am in Azerty thus my hot keys is A, and I look has to put it Q. Can I change this with Keycraft or use a dummy spell when we press Q ? Thank you for help, Łapin Viktus (fr)