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  1. Retera

    Should There Be An Expanded Universal Backup?

    What if someone built like a giant backup similar to the wayback machine but for Hive models and textures and assets and stuff? This could take the form of a giant ark to save the collective custom resources available on Hive, so that even if social media manipulates the minds of the userbase to...
  2. Superfrycook

    [General] Getting rid of the "war3campimported\Model Name" to only "Model Name"

    Backspacing the "war3campimported\" one by one is too hard. So how can I remove multiple of these to make it from "war3campimported\Model Name" to only "Model Name"?
  3. Khagda

    Could someone help an OSX user out in retrieving some game resources?

    Hello there I used to be a prolific mapmaker on this site back when I had my old OSX, but I had to update it recently and can no longer run World Editor. :( For my brother's birthday I planned on recreating Warchasers in a different game engine using as many of the original assets possible...
  4. Demon Hunter HD from SC2

    Demon Hunter HD from SC2