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  1. The Nightmare Book

    [Role Playing Game] Fourberie: Westfall Story

    FOURBERIE: WESTFALL STORY "This story is not a chivalric novel." OVERVIEW A small-scale linear adventure RPG about Westfall - a war-razed land, which future will determine the future of the whole Kingdom of Stormwind. Meet new friends, fight against dangerous foes, and explore: Westfall is a...
  2. Mark Mocher

    Darechom survival game

    Darechom on Source 2 (2020 - Present) Darechom is an upcoming survival simulator re-make of my old mod Darechom (Warcraft 3 [Defense / Survival] - Darechom 2012-2013 y.) on Source 2, that combines best of survival, rpg elements, character customization, crafting, events and realistic world...
  3. JMitchy

    [Campaign] The Menune Project: Wrath of the Dragon (Classic Edition) REDUNDANT

    (Deleted due to redundancy)
  4. Kazeon

    [Role Playing Game] EmberCraft - Total Conversion ARPG

    • ABOUT • EmberCraft is a total-conversion isometric ARPG map. The project aims to bring the quality of industry level ARPG games into a Warcraft 3 map. It promises enjoyable monster slaying experience with flashy special effects and fully-fledged top down action mechanism. • FEATURES • 1...
  5. Kazeon

    EmberCraft Alpha Testing

    Hello everyone! I'm glad to announce that EmberCraft is very close to completion. I'll start to look for some folks to alpha test the map. This is a closed group testing. I'll reward exclusive in-game items for alpha testers that will always be valid for any further map versions. Surely it's an...