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  1. Dark Iron Army.png

    Dark Iron Army.png

  2. Art of War - Blood Elf Army

    Art of War - Blood Elf Army

  3. ToysWarScreen001.png


    Toy soldier (medieval and modern) with Fisher Price Knight unit. I might dub myself most of sound to accentuate the IRL-improvised Warcraft 3.
  4. Clubbies

    War Chess BETA

    A LARGE ARMY AUTO BATTLE ROYALE. Fight for dominance round after round until only 1 player remains. Recruit from a large variety of troops to muster an intimidating army. Make glorious use of Azeroth's fiercest warriors combined with racial abilities, upgrades, special items, and...
  5. Verdun

    Project: "Broodcraft - Metamorphoses"

    You know, whether or not I actually finish this, I think I want to share a few previews. Unlike many other projects I want this one to be fairly compact, ideally just a short campaign without a big convoluted story, trying out a few city- and army building mechanics.
  6. Lord_Marrowgrath

    [Altered Melee] Lords of Azeroth

    It's is reforged version of my altered/Advanced melee map Lords of Azeroth Huge Army control, Cinetografic camera, capturing resource buildings, powerful heroes and many more. In version 1.1 many features added. More Info, trailers will come soon...
  7. Imperial German Army

    Imperial German Army

    All units of the german army from my map
  8. Shadow Demons (recolored to black)

    Shadow Demons (recolored to black)

    SD army V0.8
  9. Shadow Demons

    Shadow Demons

    DE Army V0.6
  10. Silverguard


    SG Army V0.5
  11. High Elves

    High Elves

    HE Army V0.5
  12. Wood Elves

    Wood Elves

    WE Army V0.4
  13. Dark Elves

    Dark Elves

    DE Army V0.5
  14. Chaos Demons

    Chaos Demons

    HD Army V0.3
  15. HE Army V0.2

    HE Army V0.2

    Added 1 new unit.
  16. SD Army V0.2

    SD Army V0.2

    Scrapped 1 unit; Added 2 new units; Changed the role of 1 old unit.
  17. BOS Army V0.2

    BOS Army V0.2

    Brotherhood of The Shield - bandits, outlaws, ogre marauders, all stand under one banner(Behind one shield), united by one talented leader. Together, they seek their own justice and freedom in this sinful world of ignorant fools who, for some reasons, hold the power.
  18. COD Army V0.2

    COD Army V0.2

    Cold blood, clear mind, one mission. Fanatics of the Cult of Death believe that when a humanoid creature dies its soul SHOULD be sent to the mysterious "Necropolis". The problem is, the gates of Necropolis are closed. They will open only when there will be no living men left...
  19. SD Army V0.1

    SD Army V0.1

    Demons of the Abyss - The Bane of Mankind. Human souls, suffering and Sins is what makes them stronger. For a Demon, strength is not just power, strength is what ensures their survival... for those who are weak shall perish... And soon they are to become stronger than the Humankind...
  20. HD Army V0.1

    HD Army V0.1

    Fire and Chaos. Pain and Suffering. Blood and Death. The Demons of the Eternally Burning Hell. For centuries the passage has been sealed, but the Chaos is not a power to be restrained. It always grows. And when it grew to the sizes exceeding the boundaries of Hell, even the Hell started to crack...
  21. NM Army V0.1

    NM Army V0.1

    The North - The cradle of humanity. The place where roots of human culture start. The Northmen keep their traditions. They are the reason why concepts of honor, duty and glory still exist, and they are always ready to fight for their beliefs.
  22. HE Army V0.1

    HE Army V0.1

    "The Strong must protect the weak" - beside the concepts of honor and duty this is the main morale of Empire of The Light. Its soldiers form an army of peacekeepers and healers who wish only to bring peace and protect the innocent. The capital city of this empire is the ultimate symbol of Hope.
  23. WE Army V0.2

    WE Army V0.2

    Wood elves, Centaurs and Treants form the army of Sylvan Covenant. They are true to their concepts of life in harmony and peace, but when the harmony is threatened - someone must take up arms and protect it, even if the cost of it is their own lives.
  24. DE Army Units V0.3

    DE Army Units V0.3

    1. Builder; 2. General Unit; 3. Melee Unit; 4. Ranged Unit; 5. Special Unit; 6. Advanced Melee Unit; 7. Support Spellcaster; 8. Offense Spellcaster; 9. Siege Unit; 10. Large Land Unit; 11. Air Support Unit; 12. Air Offense Unit; 13. Ultimate Flying Unit.
  25. DE Army V0.3

    DE Army V0.3

    Agile fighters, artful spellcasters and the most baleful beasts - this is the army of the Dark Elven Kingdoms.
  26. Datnes

    The Demolition Island

    Hello, I am posting my new project. Note: Bots are disabled due to development. Version: Alpha 1.0 (first release) Official web: Game - Demolition Island