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arilens tale story&characters

  1. Bob27

    [Story] The Beginning of the War -- Part 1

    THE BEGINNING OF THE WAR -- PART ONE This story begins half way through the story of the Cult, it begins at the point that Galwich's mind is taken by the Demon. MASTER'S WISH Galwich, who's mind had just been taken control of by Nonlurak, and he started to worship the Demon. Nonlurak told...
  2. Bob27

    [Character] Galwich

    GALWICH Galwich was once a powerful Wizard, but was rejected by his fellow Wizards, because of his beliefs in many of the ancient legends, that very few actually believed to be true. He spent most of his life searching Braviel, trying to find some sought of evidence that these stories were...
  3. Bob27

    [Story] The Cult

    THE CULT INTRODUCTION Hundreds of years before the events that take place in the Cinematic happened, there was a Demon, called Nolunarak. Nolunarak created an Army of Undead, and set out to try and destroy all of the other Races. Nolunarak and his army swept through the land, destroying...
  4. Bob27

    [Character] Amaroth

    Amaroth AMAROTH Amaroth is a Wizard who follows Arilen around, searching for treasure. He was once the apprentice of an Arch Mage, but after the Arch Mage was assassinated he moved out into the Wilderness, where he met Arilen. Amaroth has a lot of knowledge about Ancient Artifacts...