1. Troll Voodoo Golem

    Troll Voodoo Golem

    Aka troll archon
  2. Xetanth87

    [2P/Archon Campaign] How the Founding of Durotar could work

    While the people that created the 2P Campaigns and the Archon Campaigns either gave up or don't know how to implement the Rexxar campaign, I have an idea. Let's start with the most difficult part. Saving and loading. My idea is actually... Saving and loading. You can save and load multiplayer...
  3. Seavalan Legend

    Merging Units

    Can someone help me make it possible for three units of different unit types to merge into one unit, similar to the Archons in StarCraft. I want the units to be able to activate it with an ability. I do not think it is possible with the default abilities, but maybe someone can make a custom...