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  1. AutisticTenacity

    Accurate ParabolaZ function

    It has recently come to my attention that a number of ParabolaZ functions are incorrect, or rather, they are only accurate if the initial Z level and final Z level are identical - or if the maximum height value is sufficiently greater than either of the Z values. Take for example, the popular...
  2. bruunk

    How to make a projectile curve on X & Y axis?

    I want to create a spell that will work like firebolt, but it will also shoot 2 lesser firebolts that will arc towards the target, so 3 projectiles total: Target -->.......O Projectiles ->.( | ) Caster -->.......X These fireballs dont need to do damage themselves it just needs to look...
  3. Ofel

    Parabola with fixed max height and velocity

    I'm trying to project a missile to a point vertically higher with fixed max height and velocity of x. Max height should be based on whether initial x or target x, depending which one is higher (above target). Anyone know how to find or operate the velocity of y? Or maybe any other way to draw...
  4. Ofel

    Projecting on the parabolic line

    How to find the x, y, and z when a projectile move by m basing on the parabolic line? Basically, if the projectile move to the green dot, what is the distance (xy) and what is the length of z? And also, how to find the length of the arc?