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  1. Verdun

    Okay but this death animation thing is driving me mad

    So anyway I feel like I figured out decay animations okay, but death animations still elude me. I THOUGHT it was okay, and it looks fine in the model editor, but in the GAME, it does weird ugly things, namely, when the damn thing dies it pops right back up. It's not so bad if I make the death...
  2. Diegoit

    Show/Hide model parts in X anims

    Hello ppl, im here today to see if some1 could pls tell me how can i do this. Show/Hide model parts in X anims Example: Peasants gold bags, they r just showed if the Peasant is tagged as Gold Help pls
  3. Diegoit

    [General] Change skin ingame?

    Is that possible? Maybe as an ALTERNATE anim in the same mode?
  4. Diegoit

    Birth anim paster

    Looking for someone that can help me to support the Kobold races. What i need? just someone that can paste my birth anim to my Kobold buildings. My works Birth anim paste Please and Thanks - Wait! I think i can do this be my self :).
  5. sarumanthecursed

    Model edit request

    Good day everyone! :) I need the fire effect in this HaradrimArcherVII model's "Attack 2" anim to be removed ;however, I would also like a version of the "Attack 2" anim with the fire effect as a spell animation. Any help in regards to this would be greatly appreciated and obviously credited...