altered melee map's

  1. Sxar

    [Altered Melee] Hellfire Plateau

    Introduction: I want to customize Mr.Henchi's Melee Map, Hellfire Plateau, with a few missions to make a full orc combat brawl for the control of the wasteland. The map can only be played as orc race (duh!). You can recruit a hero and set the name of your orc clan at the beginin of the game...
  2. Wardota2 Gamer

    [Altered Melee] Custom Heroes with Regular Warcraft Spells!

    Wardota2 Gamer presenting.... I am working on a Warcraft III Altered Melee Map with Custom Heroes now as you might probably know lot's of people now use GUI Spells and others! Well now as you might see in the Title "Regular Warcraft Spells!" This means that the Custom Heroes Spell is a normal...