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  1. J2Krauser

    [Spell] Point targeted (Channel, triggered) ability aggro

    Hi. I'm looking for a way to make creeps react to Channel-based abilities like they would to a regular one. For example, using Flame Strike makes them attack the caster, but creating a carbon copy of it based on Channel, and triggering the damage, will leave creeps inactive. I tried to search...
  2. bruunk

    [Spell] Neutral Hostile units don't respond to dummycasters damage

    Hi, So, for instance, I have a spell that will summon 3 dummycasters and shoot out what's basically carrion swarm(which uses point targeting). However, and I have found this to happen with most dummycaster abilities, if used on neutral hostile units the damage will affect them but they will not...
  3. Voltoid

    No Aggro when moving before ranged attack lands

    Hello guys! First of all, thank you everyone for reading. The situation is the following: I am creating a map that has neutral camps. The units are created for a player with "computer" as controller. The camp behaves properly: Whenever I attack a neutral unit with a ranged hero WHILE standing...
  4. AquaFire

    Do Computer Units Act like Neutral-Hostile?

    Hello Everyone, I am making a map that involves boss-battles, so it is important that people can switch aggro and allow other players to deal damage. However, I ran to a specific problem where a boss with a ranged attack would just change targets towards a summoned Quilboar despite having a low...