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    I'm looking for people who would be interested in participating in my project "Dark Stone - Custom RPG".

    Hi, I had already made a post in October 2021 and I'm making a new one because I've made a lot of progress on my map and I'm starting to have a more global view of what to do. The concern being that the ambition is great and I find myself limited, not by the work in itself (even if it's a big...
  2. Ksatnod

    [Solved] Looking for help in determining on whether or not a certain trigger would work

    It's difficult for me to check to see if this trigger actually works or not, does it look like it will treat my item variable as the intended item if I've set it as such? And is there anything else that any of you are seeing or noticing that I might be missing? I'm not knowledgeable in JASS at...