3rd person camera

  1. Xain

    [Trigger] Sticky Mouse Camera in MMORPG System

    While I can read and write Jass I'm not the best at it and instead prefer to use the bare minimum I have to in Jass and use gui for the rest. The result is what I feel a much more user friendly map for people who use gui and jass. I took the mouse camera system demo made by Brilock and broke it...
  2. berkoax

    I can't adjust 3d camera, unit and camera elevation angle, I have problem with jass library

    i try use this library , [System] GetCamOffset but i am getting error. I don't understand jass at all, I just can't even copy jass I'm trying to do this(1),but my custom script has problem ; set udg_deneme_heightunit = GetCamOffset(udg_CameraX, udg_CameraY) all variables are real (1)...
  3. berkoax

    3D Dinosaur Map (no name yet)

    Hello, i'm working on a 3D dinosaur map. Our main goal in the game is to survive and find a way to escape from the island we are on. There will be some ai groups on the map and we will have relationships and interactions within and outside the group Apart from this, players can also form...
  4. Xthreo

    Mouse camera system with WASD

    Hi everyone, I have been looking for a mouse camera system with WASD controls and this one is simply fantastic. Although the map is protected so I can't study the triggers. Do some on you have any idea how such beautiful work has been done? Any tutorial link? I'd love to implement a system like...