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  1. Anster

    Warcraft III 1.29+ cracked versions.

    Hello there, have a nice day! I've come here to ask a question that may or maybe not controvertial, or whatever. I created this account just to find out the answer of this question... If there is one. Why isn't there cracked (a.k.a pirated) patches for the 1.29, 1.30, 1.31 versions of the...
  2. The_Beast

    can anyone help?

    i would like to know how can i get wc3 version 1.30 cuz i have been trying to get one and never found it i want to try out all the cool campaigns in the hive workshop aswell as the new designs
  3. sur5al

    v1.30 stretched high res loading screen?

    I did search the awesome and infinite internet before littering this forum with another thread, but can't come up with solution on my own... Short version: Is it possible to have a high resolution loading screen stretched to 1920x1080 (or anything wider than 4:3) in warcraft v1.30 (my map is...
  4. FeruEnzeruJKun

    [solved] Is it okay that i can update my WC3 version to 1.30.2, please? :")

    i am going to do a little or a medium bit of the WE (with 1.30.2) for a little excuse rather than now before i can continue reading Warcraft lore (on Wowpedia or warcraft sites) or Starcraft lore (SC wikia or somewhere) or others unfortunately. :ain: To be obvious, i was occasionally in a mood...
  5. Amigoltu

    Bad responses to new patches?

    Hi. Recently, I've mostly only seen bad reactions about the new warcraft 3 patches, and I just do not understand it. I myself use 1.30 version now and I love it. It runs FAR smoother on my pc, than the older versions, and I have experienced no bugs or anything at all. The most exciting thing for...
  6. Amigoltu

    [General] WE 1.30 function list and TESH

    Hello everyone. I wanted to ask - is there a way to get SharpCraft WEX working with 1.30b version? And, if not, is there another way to get a list of functions and TESH? Or well, I can do without TESH, but the function list is basically necessary for JASS triggers.