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  1. PiesOfNorth

    [JASS] [Zerg Campaign] - Hatchery/Larva crash on certain terrain?

    Hi. I've noticed a reproducible crash in my Zerg Campaign. I've been able to get it to occur consistently in Chapter Four, if the player expands to the center of the map, where Maiev starts. After fiddling with it, the source seems to be my modified Blizzard.j, in the function called...
  2. Tom_Almighty1

    Warcraft 1.31 UI triggers not loading when loading a saved game.

    Hi I am currently making a single player RPG that would require the default save and load system since it has complicated systems that I think would be a pain in the *ss if I tried to make a custom save and load system. I also changed the UI frames by using the new UI altering codes. My problem...
  3. PiesOfNorth

    Best way to modify .SLK files in .MPQ files (pre-1.29)

    I remember on 1.31 you could use Local Files to modify the game without changing the CASC files themselves, so I thought I'd try getting similar things working on 1.26 and 1.28.5. I tried changing some numbers in UnitBalance.slk (using LibreOffice Calc, choosing "keep existing format" when it...
  4. K.D.G

    MPQ Editor work for 1.28?

    Fixed. -------------------------------------------------- i try some MPQ Editor open War3Patch.mpq . but only like 4 files in it.. i need blizzard.j common.j from it for my bot. can some point to a place to get files or editor. Thanks :)