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  • loktar


    Nov 2, 2004
    Decay Animations
    Note: I'm assuming you know how to import geosets, add textures and materials, and modify geoset animations.

    Part One
    1. Open the model in MdlVis, and go to the Sequence Editor module
    2. Create a new sequence named Decay Flesh.
      1. Check the NonLooping option and uncheck the Apply Move Speed option
      2. Change the second Frame interval value so that it is 60000 frames long
    3. Repeat step 2 for Decay Bone
    4. Open the Death animation, go to the last frame, right click the frame bar, and click Copy frame
    5. Open the Decay Bone animation and paste the copied frame onto the first frame
    6. Save the model
    Part Two
    1. Open the model in Magos and add the texture: Textures\gutz.blp
    2. Create a new material with one layer using the gutz texture
    3. Under Alpha, check the Animated option and click the Alpha button
    4. At the first frame of Decay Flesh, set it to 0.5, and at the 1500th and the last frame, set it to 1
    5. Set the first frame, and the 14000th frame before the last, of Decay Bone to 1, and set the last frame to 0
    6. Set the interpolation to Linear and click OK

    Part Three
    1. In the Node Manager, create a new bone and name it gutz
    2. Import the skeleton from a similar model, attach it to the gutz bone, and give it the material you created
    3. In the Node Manager, right click the root bone (usually named Bone_Root or similar) and click Edit Node
    4. Open the Translation window and copy and paste the first frame of the Decay Flesh animation
    5. Change the frame number of the copy to the last frame of the Decay Flesh animation, and change the third value to something like -115
    Part Fourth
    1. Make sure everything except the skeleton is invisible at the start of the Decay Bone animation by setting each geoset's geoset animation alpha to 0 at the first frame
    2. Add a geoset animation for the skeleton geoset, and set its alpha to 1 for the first frame of the Decay Flesh and Decay Bone animations, and to 0 for the first frames of all other animations
    3. Save the model
    4. Open the model in MdlVis again and rotate and move the skeleton geoset so that it lines up with the unit's body at the end of the Death animation, and save the model
    5. Success!