Progress so far. Inspired by something I spotted in the pastebin. I might be way over my head in terms of animation with this one. It has functional animations right now, but they are not very nice.
lol thats an ambitious idea, looks really neat so far, I remember messing with the spider model, I ended up deleting almost all the place holder bones and using the main animated bones only, the mesh of the legs has a really bad UV wrap so I also ended up re-uv wrapping it a never got finished lol.

I'd say try using the crypt fiend texture for all of it if your using it for the face, not so much the areas of the crypt fiend with wraps, as the part of the rear body, It might work out well...
I am using just the cryptfiend textures for all of the spider actually. Yeah, those legs are difficult to work with. Right now they are mapped to a section of the fiend's thorax, right where the divide between the light and dark portions are.
He might be. He was the author of the pastebin item that lead to this creation in the first place.

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