TPC Police WIP

TPC Police WIP

Seriously, wtf Blizzard.
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Cool cop! Will there be a Swat officer?

(though idk why blizzard was mentioned in the desc?)
Yep, there will be a shotgun-wielding SWAT officer

Blizzard is the focus of my ire as of late, due to their lovely EULA, which they havn't commented on even once.
Add a secret animation where the officer will shout 'wtf blizzard' (with text popping up) using the megaphone.
Hey, That team colour on the far tip/end of the megaphone is weird.
You could add it instead on the cap, in a thin circle fashion much like the lines on the insignia and pants. I'm referring to the circle bellow the sign on the cap and above the black hard part of the cap.
Will do

Still working on the texture and wrap, just showing off the mesh and animations so far

Might make an animation of Kotick and Brack being arrested, a model is supposed to entertain after all.

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