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Torn Fin Tribe

Torn Fin Tribe

It seems the Torn Fin Tribe of Murlocs are getting desperate and are allying with Zar'jira's Minions. The group of Murloc Raiders is now a fitting title to them, don't you think?
The Far Seer? Well, that's the orc hero.
And what about The Primal Fury? How's that a hero rank/class?
@deepstrasz Yes, like many things won’t feel for many. Just remember.

Primal Fury is a hybrid class between a warrior and a shaman. Thrall is able to use Primal Essence, Forked Lightning, and summon Snowsong.

Primal Essence divides him into three elements: Fire, Water, Earth. Has three levels. Same as Storm, Earth, and Fire.

Forked Lightning - Original spell.

Summon Snowsong - Thralls wolf companion that is immune to spells, has Maul on level 2, and Far Sight on level 3.

The bloodlust icon you see is Hero’s Frenzy.

It is a reimagining of most scenes to bring you a new experience: I know why people will not understand. I just didn’t want the Far Seer, Drek’thar, and the Primal Fury, Thrall, to be one of the same. Orgrim Doomhammer would of been proud.

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