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The Final Push
Today the Brotherhood of the Sword after laying siege in the cold and narrow tunnels of Celestina have finally pushed back the undead

The Final Push Today the Brotherhood of the Sword after laying siege in the cold and narrow tunnels of Celestina have finally pushed back the undead

You do realize that you stand no chance against Troldaeron, don't you?
You do know that they tactical leaders in order to function. They are not united. So they are weak.
Sorry but trolman did not indiviually train the soldiers to be freaking tactians, and using mongolian style tactics the Brotherhood will own Trolmanian forces who are based roughly on the Russian way of fighting. Numbers. So considering that they will not using any brainy tactics the Brotherhood will conquer them. Plus it will be a trap for the Trolmanains
So...you think that trolmans commanding officers, military leaders and rest have no experience at all with fighting bands of humans? Also last time I checked Mongolians weren't stuck on islands and random spot on the world and instead were a empire them selves that used horses and not ships.
First of all: Trolmanian soldiers ARE very well trained. Trolman said it hundreds of times. It's true that Troldaeron isn't the most tactical of forces, but he has more than once proven that they are capable of making some splendid tactics.
Second: They outnumber you by at least 1 to 100. You expect each of your soldiers to be able to take out a hundred of his?
Who Said we won't even the odds a little? How about this chr2. I introduce a plague to the Trolmanians. And you can take lordaeron or me and you can destroy the trolmanian forces central government thus obliterating the fact that they were being invaded. Because lets face it the Trolmanains rule too much land. And we need to get rid of that forces central force. All my forces want is Alteratic. And we are talking of well trained veterans that are each a hero themselves. Plus we will destroy their navy pretty quickly. Of course if trolman was still around he would somehow find the Crescent Isles. Which I have left out the location in that it is well guarded secret and I will not let trolmania take its grip onto another land.
Or we could kill the population by unleashing the mutants on them either way the brotherhood has to attack Trolmania and free its populace.
Not only that But Trolmanian soldiers are very well trained but do they have the will power to kill their own people?
Plus its not like trolman cares. I will leave his royal family alone and send them to Kalimdor as banishment.
At the moment, SW, it is impossible for any of us to defeat him. Even if we unite.
Of course they kill their own people but you are remnant of alterac which is worse scum of all human. It is actually pleasure for all nation of alliance to kill them. Besides he doesn't really have kalimdor anymore.
Yeah. But lets face it we have a ununified nation called trolmania its armies are scattered and fighting many different places. And it has been siginificantly reduced.
But we could free dalaran, Gilenas, Alterac, and Silverpine. Plus we could incite rebellion into the population by making trolmans government do something horrible excute a few civilians of Trolmania.
Plus what you mean even if we unite? We can introduce a plague and a few deathly wars that could cripple them. All we have to do is do a combine effort and defeat Trolmania's grip on Iron Forge and then we get rid of their supply of armor.
He isn't fighting in many different location, since he hasn't got anyone to fight. All are under his control.
He executes civilians every day... There's nothing new in that.
The types of plagues you could create, could be cleansed in a matter of days. Don't forget that Troldaeron has some of the greatest priests and paladins in all of Azeroth.
Also, it is said no where, that they get their armor from Ironforge...

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