Spider race in creep land
I see you found the infamous spider web tile, this is interesting, it looks different from the spider tile I was using, I wonder why that is. is this a different spider web tile? or the same one with some changes and extra uniformity in it? very interesting.

There are also custom egg sack skins, to make them more webby looking too, on warcraft3 campaigns if I remember correctly.

oh, and a skin existed some time ago for the crypt fiend's web spell, to also make the ''webbed ground'' ''webbed air'' and ''web missile'' all white as well.
Its the same web tile, I think. The fog might make it look different i'm guessing.

As for that egg sack skin you mentioned, can you link it? I can't find it on wc3c
lol uhhh....... I cant find it either....dam google...

I'll il see if I can find/paste bin it for you.

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