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Magical Murloc Fish Pool

Magical Murloc Fish Pool

Oh looks very good, I abuse global sequences whenever I can. So much fun.
thank you em! this is about 40 or so models site-op'd onto the center of an invisible sc2 building.

every model is an ''actor'' which kind of sucks because its alot of data, but at the same time every actor can have a death model so some things can burst into green planty emissions others burst into dust or watery splash effects. I think the fish will get small zergling blood splashes too.

glad you guys like it. heads up! public beta test in the arcade coming soonishly!?
But no fish get out even if water is flowing outward. Stupid fish... or smart because they know there's no water anymore through the outlet?
lol.... to be honest.... I had not put in that much thought....I wonder how hard, it would be... to use site-operation-sets to move a flopping fish model, up left down and out onto the ground. probably pretty hard.... might be easier to use a missile-spell-effect for the art instead.

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