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Kul Tiras

Kul Tiras
stein123, Aug 15, 2017
    • stein123
      From Ujimasa's map compendium:

      As the kingdoms in the mainland become embroiled in war, Kul Tiras initially remained unaffiliated. Admiral Daelin Proudmoore was convinced that the war will not come to his shores. As far as he is concerned, it was business as usual and as such, his kingdom maintained trade with everyone.

      As the Alliance of Lordaeron began battling the New Arathorian Empire at Arathi Highlands, the armies of Alterac seized Thoradin's Wall from its defenders and closed it. With the main host of the Alliance cut off from their lands, the Gilnean Confederacy began its invasion. On the eastern front, the towns in the Hillsbrad Foothills fell one by one to the combined armies of Lord Hiram Creed and Prince Aliden Perenolde. Alexi Barov was killed while Weldon Barov was captured. With his only surviving heir held captive, Lord Alexei Barov of Caer Darrow defected to the Confederacy. His army was forced to join General Hath's who are camped just south of Andorhal. In Dalaran, Archmage Arugal caused havoc by summoning "wolf men" into the city forcing the Kirin Tor to deal with the infestation.

      On the western front, most of Silverpine Forest is conquered by the combined armies of Lord Vincent Godfrey, Baron Silverlaine, and Prince Isiden Perenolde. They are now camped just a few days march away from Lordaeron's Capital City awaiting further orders.

      Tol Barad was also attacked by the armies of the Trade King. Duke Reginald Baradin II rallied his forces against the onslaught but slowly losing control of the island fortress.

      The Alliance of Lordaeron was left in a precarious position. The main host under Uther Lightbringer, King Galen Trollbane, and High Thane Kurdran Wildhammer continued to battle the armies of New Arathor but was having trouble receiving supplied with Thoradin's Wall shut and Tol Barad under siege. Falstad Wildhammer had to send supplies from Aerie Peak via Gryphons but the supply troops are constantly attacked by Forest Trolls along the way. Disgusted by the Human in-fighting, King Anasterian Sunstrider considered withdrawing Quel'thalas from the Alliance and just focus on defending its own borders but Prince Kael'thas, a member of the ruling council in Dalaran, was able to convince him otherwise for now. King Terenas Menethil II tried to negotiate with King Genn Greymane but was rebuffed.

      Admiral Proudmoore became worried about the Gilnean Confederacy. Gilneas had the second strongest navy after Kul Tiras and its recent conquest on the mainland could alter the status quo on the seas as well. Kul Tiras immediately sent an envoy headed by his eldest son, Derek, to Capital City offering to help. King Terenas heartily welcomed aid from Kul Tiras. In return, Derek would have Princess Calia's hand in marriage while Admral Proudmoore's daughter, Jaina, would eventually marry the Crown Prince of Lordaeron, Arthas.

      In Ironforge, King Magni Bronzebeard suddenly dies. The official report is that he died of natural causes but others still suspected foul play. As the kingdom mourns, Princess Moira suddenly arrived escorted by an army of Dark Iron Dwarves. While the people were initially happy with the princess' safe return, they were shocked when she announced that she was marrying Emperor Dagran Thaurissan in order to unite the Kingdoms of Ironforge and Shadowforge. Many were appalled by the announcement and even suggested that the princess has been ensorcelled. Among them were her own uncles, Muradin and Brann. In response, Empress Moira brands them and their followers as traitors who wanted to seize power for themselves. Before they can be apprehended however, Muradin and the rest fled.

      In Gnomeregan, High Tinker Sicco Thermaplugg restored the monarchy styling himself as King of Gnomeregan. With New Arathor's backing, he violently put down any dissent. Gelbin Mekkatorque tried to launch a coup d'├ętat but was forced out of Gnomeregan by the combined forces of the Gnomeregan Royal Army and New Arathor.

      With both of them on the run from their own kingdoms, Muradin and Gelbin joined forces and gathered their loyalists in the Wetlands. From there, they fled towards Kul Tiras via Gnomish submarines. Admiral Proudmoore was shocked by the sudden arrival of Dwarven and Gnomish refugees into his kingdom. Gelbin promised to augment the forces of Kul Tiras in return for sanctuary to which Admiral Proudmoore agreed. Muradin petitioned further that Kul Tiras help them liberate Ironforge and Gnomeregan from New Arathor and its puppet governments but Admiral Proudmoore refused given that they already have to deal with the Gilnean Confederacy. Muradin threatened to leave but Gelbin was able to convince both sides to a compromise. The Dwarves and Gnomes will help Kul Tiras against the Gilnean Confederacy. Only after the Gilnean Confederacy is dealt with will Kul Tiras help the Dwarves and the Gnomes liberate their homelands.

      With Dwarves and Gnomes added to their ranks, Admiral Proudmoore divided his forces into four. One is sent to assist Tol Barad in its defense. One is sent to Southshore in order to liberate it. One is sent to harass Goblin ships coming from Kezan. The final one is sent to attack Zul'Dare where Goblins have set up factories.
    • Lord_Marrowgrath
      Hail for 8.0 wow expansion!
    • Rating:
      Good choice of models and stuff, bro.
      Some models I haven't seen on hive yet. :)
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    Ujimasa Hojo's 7 Kingdoms
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    Aug 15, 2017
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