Knight of the Ram

Knight of the Ram

Tranquil's Royal Captain, with Gluma's rambeard horns on his helmet, and mace made by kangyun, just merged into a mace bearing footman/captain.
Maces need more love.
Yes, I should see about getting another texture for them.

Do the horns look better here?
Looks better but what if horns become gold/yellow color? like its shield's borders
PD!!!! Those horns doesn't looks like Ram horns tbh xd, they looks like Bulls horns, Idk to much "knights of the ram" anyways :p, if u want add it Ram horns without doing them from scratch u can just use a Tail from Skell wyrm or a murmimyr n retexture it, I can help with that too :)
Crap, I meant Callahan's. I blame it on sleep deprivation and that I was messing with your plate armour Knight at the time

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Tragedy of Roullhan: Falkereich
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