Human SB

Human SB

Used to replace the standard spellbreaker for a human one, when i added BE as a new playable race, BE/HE from the human race has been replaced for human variations
Oh. You learned how to wrap models with in-game textures? Neat.
I'd change the mask for something more human-like.
Looks good so far, but still needs some tweaks.
@General Frank Yh I want to practice it but I had problems when texturing, geosets still using the same materials(still working as one geoset), I also think in change its mask but i didn't think in something, it also still needing some tweaks that r easy to see in its skirt, i tried to separate geosets with MDLVIS to work correctly but it didn't work
When I try to separate geosets like that, I create another version of the model where I delete everything except the part of the geoset I want to use, and export it.
Then when I import it on the model again, it will be its own geoset.
@Galadgod n it works correctly with anims? I mean, if do it with an arm, i think it will be all time static so I've to reattach it with correct bones again
With some body parts its a bit tricky when it comes to movement. So far I've done it mostly with helmets and things like weapons or shields.
With the skeleton model I mashed up, every armor part is its own geoset, pretty much, so that it follows the movement correctly, and it was a lenghty and tedious process, and probably not the most optimal one.
Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

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