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centipede wip 2.png

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Utilizing the ''Attacher'' attachment type site operation, these 20 segments should ''swim'' back and forth, similar to the Zerg Vipers tail, which uses attachers 1 through 8. When used without any unit data in the data editor, the Zerg Vipers tail becomes rigid and unbend-able, use ''Viper Site Ops'' also known as site operations actors in the actor tab to learn more about how the Viper Tail works. You will require a Head Attacher and how ever many body segment attachers are required, in the case of a Viper it is 8+1(9) but in the case of a model like this it is actually 20+1(21). Im not sure if there is a maximum number of attacher attachment points allowed in the sc2 engine, or if there is a max count at all (I suspect it is likely 255 like many other things such as bones and emitters). what I do know is your attacher attachment points must be connected to each other like a snake in chain configuration and the bones with the mesh you want to move independently of the main snake head must be attached to attachers not any other main bones or dummy helpers/root bones. the attacher attachment points them selves can be attached to each other, but they must all lead to a main ''head'' bone, which will serve as the ''center-front'' of your unit/model (in the case of the viper it is the middle torso area)

over using this type of attachment type ''attachers'' to create something as odd in anatomy and shape as this is new to me, I think it should turn out nice. but it could turn out horrible in game so hold your breath friends.

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