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Yes, the Caliphate is included in the mod. To make it short, the mod I am working on is only one universe. Since I'm going to set the game universe to post-Azeroth, post-Wow, era. The Caliphate is one of the most powerful threats ever to be faced on Azeroth or other planets. :)
I'd like to make the Caliphate as a playable race. But as for now, I'd like to make them as fanatical superfaction which their religion is not for any supernatural being, they are nihilistic people who despises... believing in doctrine, arcane magic, and the light/void powers. I do want to exclude God because of respect to real world religion and this is just a game of pure sci-fi and fantasy. :)
On the short hand, they are bent and radicalized only for world domination. I also see their story to be redeemed and then becomes playable. :) And after that, you'll all play them facing new enemies like desert undead and old god of the desert forces.
I thought it wasn't a warcraft universe. Also you messed up the objective for the quest on the screen. It should be 'Don't lose more than 5 gorillions', not that 'At least 5 gorillions must survive. Because if muh six gorillion are killed, it would be another shoah!
WOW, these are some awesome nasty apes! Are their models here on hive?

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