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This one is simply amazing!
Played only until the warpost attack yet, but it already impressed me.
The atmosphere of the game is simply... Nordic... LOL
The Icecrown tileset fited too well.
I really loved the combat system, very unique... A bit hard to master at the beggining, but cool. Ad the camera sometimes make things hard to see... But not too much.
I only think you really need to reduce the dificult a bit, and make possible to sell itens.
Also, ever thought about changing the hero's model? That one don't have portrait... It's very strange.

I'm working on a campaign with some "realistic" feeling in combat... Without all that spell thing, you know. However I was afraid of making things too boring without impressive spells... But this map gave me the idea. Could I use this combat system of yours in my campaign?

4.5/5 truly
5/5 voted
Oh... and +rep, good work ^^
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