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Thank you for the comment and rating.

1) Difficulty: I got killed by this angry man I had to talk to. I couldn't do much than punching back, but he was stronger. Have I been to slow at punching or is there any trick? (Maybe make different difficulties, or reviving system or something)
Haha, your expression about angry man made me laugh :) Well, you have to hit him as much as you can, just spam punches and do it as fast as possible and he might give up. You can also gather some coins around the village by destroying crates and buy a sword to deal with that old man, so two slashes and he's done.
2) Camera height: You really should add some better camera system, especially one that holds the height at a constant distant above your unit and only changes if going into the ground. The camera up and down bouncing does look really bad. (If you need any assistance with that I'd like to help you)
Well yeah, it is not perfect, but acceptable I think. You think you could improve it? Very well, if you would take the task then I would let you know when it is updated to v1.1 and then you could give it a try on that version.
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