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Zombie Head Hunter

'Remix' from an old skin.
INNER (stupid) GAME
I've hidden letters in the unwrap, if you find them all, put them in the right order and you'll get a word. Pm me the word with its signification and you'll get a very special gift^^
(yes yes, it's is stupid too, but all my nexts skins will have stupid games within muhahah).

Oh and btw, textures\headhunter.blp

ZombieHeadHunter (Texture)

THE_END: Uhh..recolor and some bad scars?
Level 21
Jul 3, 2004
thanks psycho :p
in fact I just loosed all my project's maps in a reformating. :cry: :lol: :evil:

So I found a new occupation for a while, I'm doing musics toons in the same way than rocktoons.com
If you're interested, pm me.

I didnt put a lot of gore in this one, should I put more ?